August Month Activities

Social Service Club
Distribution of drawing books or crayons

Animal Club
Identify Animal Behavior

Health Club
Information regarding usefullness of Vitamins A,B,C,D,E

Child Rights Club
Spreading knowledge about child rights by Nukkad natak or street play

Swatch Bharat Club
Noise Pollution Seminar

L&D Club
    I to IV
Story Telling with action, costume and props 
    V to VIII
    Presentation of Ads on Moral Values with costumes and dialogues
    VIII to X
    Interview with any personality

July Month Activities

Social Service Club
Donate grains to orphanage

Animal Club
Love animals and stay safe around them

Health Club
Importance of Yoga ,meditation and walking ,Naturopathy and home remedies
Tips on healthy food 

Child Rights Club
Seminar by Resource person about Child Rights

Swatch Bharat Club
Skit on How to save and safeguard our Nature

L&D Club
    Nursery & KG
    Indoor games and vegetables day 
    1st STD to 4th STD
    Imagine yourself as a doctor, postman, Teacher etc., and act on that
    5th STD to 10th STD
    Imagine yourself as a great personality and give speech

June Month Activities

Inaugural Functions of the clubs:

L&D, Health, animal welfare club and Child Rights Club

Sports, Eco and Social activity club

Works to be done in the month of June:
  1. Finding details, making points.
  2. Speaking to Municipal authorities.
  3. Their Guidelines.
  4. Wet waste electrical waste composing etc..
  5. Practical daily solutions

Academic Year 2022-23 Start from May 2022 for 1st STD to 10th STD

Talent Show Celebration Class LKG to 10th STD February 2022

Science Day Celebration February 2022

International Zero Tolerance Day Notice Board Activity February 2022

World Radio Day Notice Board Activity February 2022

National Science Day Notice Board Activity February 2022

Vegetables Activity in Kannada 7th STD February 2022

Color Paper Craft Activity – Class 1st to 4th STD January 2022

73rd Republic Day Celebration January 2022

COVID Vaccination Program

Age Group of 15 – 18 years (9th and 10th STD) January 2022

COVID Test Program from Health Department

5th to 8th STD January 2022

Christmas Celebration December 2021

Notice Board Activity December 2021

Biology Project with Color Rangoli of Biologic Figures 10st students December 2021

School Reopen for UKG Class November 2021

Children’s Day Celebration November 2021

Smt. Neeru Morarka Birthday and Deepavali Celebration November 2021

Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration November 2021

Kalayan Karnataka Celebration November 2021

Parents’ Meeting Before School Reopen October 2021

School Reopen for 1st to 4th Standard October 2021

Bookmark Activities September 2021

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration October 2021

Fancy Dress Competition from pre-primary and primary students

Teachers’ Day Celebration September 2021

CCA patriotic activity song competition 23rd August 2021

Independence day celebration 15th August 2021

 International Yoga Day 21st June 2021

Saraswati Puja Celebration

July Month Activity of Child Rights Club

July Month Activity of L&D Club

08th Jul, 2017

Guru Purnima Celebrations

24th Jun, 2017

Inaugural of Sports, Eco and Social Activity Club

23rd Jun, 2017

Inaugural of L&D, Health, Animal Welfare Club and Child Rights Club

21st Jun, 2017

Yoga Day Celebration in our School

5th Jun, 2017

World Environment Day

Talent Day

Science Day

Quiz Competition

1st Feb, 2017

Basant Panchami Celebrations

26th Jan, 2017

Republic Day Celebrations

Jan, 2017

Annual Sports Celebrations

Jan, 2017

Clothes / Food Distribution to Needy Children

Quiz for classes 1 to 4

Mock Parliament for Class X Students

Animal Welfare Club

23rd – 24th Dec, 2016

Music and Dance

Devotional songs | Bhajans | Happiness

Dr. Harsha Sharing his Experience
to High School Students

14th Sep, 2016

Children Sending Peace Energies to the Cauvery Dispute

PETA Club Activity

Dec, 2016

Research on the abuse of Animals by the cosmetic Industries

Mini Cyolothon