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Narbada Devi Memorial School is one of the first schools in the vicinity to provide a comprehensive educational platform. The School Committee aims to help its students understand life as it is, rather than focusing simply on academics. Over the years, the Committee has strived to adapt a ‘Gurukul’ schooling approach, encouraging children to develop in their own individualistic manner by introducing them to a plethora of opportunities.


The Theme for this year 2018 - 2019
Academic Period
28-05-18 To 06-10-2018, 1st Semester.
22-10-2018 To 14-04-2019, 2nd Semester.

① Service work


The NDMS family staunchly believes in preparing young minds for the real world! For this, we strive to give our students as much exposure as possible. Our aim is to challenge them mentally, physically and emotionally to transform them into mature and intelligent human beings.

SMT. NEERU MORARKA, Managing Trustee, NDMS

Neeru-MorarkaSince i was a teenage girl, I dreamt of running a school. I nursed the thought for a long while and I quote Shri. Swami Vivekanada :

“We are what our thoughts have made us. So take care about what you think. Thoughts live, they travel far.”

With the support of my beloved husband, Shri. R.P.Morarka, my dream of establishing a school was realised. My thought materialised. The joy of seeing your creation – flowering from a 10 children Tiny-Tots to a 450 odd student strength N.D.M.S. is immense and words are insufficient to aptly describe that. I have spent a lot of my time on nuturing this institution, based on the idealogy, so beautifully expressed by Martin Luther King- and I quote:

“The function of education is to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence and character- that is the goal of true education. “

With the able support of the late Mr. Rathnam and his wife, Mrs. Uma Rathnam, who has been the Principal always, the school has set new standards in systems of education in the town of Hospet, since it’s inception.
My instructions to our Staff , along the years, has been to always be sincere, devoted and true to their work, keeping only the children’ s interest’s in mind. On my part, I have made my best efforts to upgrade the school with new, latest facilities as and when recquired as well as take good care of it’s teaching and non-teaching class.


“Education is the Foundation of one’s future”, this truth was recognised and valued by our founder Shri R.P.Morarkaji. Hence Shri R.P.Morarkaji made the concrete effort to impart education to children and contribute to the noble cause. Our patron Mrs. Neeruji Morarka gave shape to our founder’s vision by starting “TINY TOTS”, our kindergarden, in the year 1971 with 25 children and two teachers. This small school slowly grew and NARBADA DEVI MEMORIAL SCHOOL was established in the year 1981 with classes from 1st to 10th. The first batch of 10th standard passed out in the year 1991 and so far 25 batches have passed out with flying colours. Over a period of time we have adopted the methodology of imparting education holistically.

Our teaching methodology lays strong emphasis to make the students conceptually strong in the subjects. In order to accomplish this we have also embraced the latest technological teaching tools available viz the Digital Board medium to ensure that the subject concepts are well absorbed by the students. In addition to academics, we give equal weightage to Sports and aspects of Personality development.

I joined in this school in the year 1973. I am extrmely thankful to our management for giving me an opportunity to serve this school.

In the year 1994, Mrs. Varshaji.S.Morarka a young, talented, all rounder joined the school as our Chief Administrator and introduced a whole lot of new ideas like Yoga, Meditation, and, initiated student related activities through formation of different student clubs like Social, Health & Hygiene, Eco-club etc. This exposed and sensitised our students to various social & environmental issues of the present day world. Our school also very actively takes part in all the inter-school activities viz Quiz, Debates cultural functions with the nearby schools and has bagged many prizes. NDMS was and will continue to contribute to impart quality education in this region for a long time to come.

Report of Mrs. Uma Ratnam
I.S.R Ltd, Hospet


Dear Students, Parents & Staff,

As the Principal of this esteemed school, my main aim is to materialise the vision of it’s founders in reality. I believe in sincere and dedicated work and understand the responsibility I am carrying – of moulding the minds and personalities of children who are the future citizens of our planet.

Our school is filled with enthusiastic students willing to learn, supportive parents interested in their children’s education and a dedicated professional staff committed to providing the students with a quality education.

The school environment promotes freedom, a love for learning, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility. I promise to provide a learning environment that is positive, safe, caring, a fun place to learn and grow. My goal is to invest time in getting to know everyone in the NDMS community.

My message to all parents is to stay involved, which can help you to stay in contact with your child’s activities. This form of two way monitoring will help ensure the success of your child’s education and well being.

I feel fortunate on looking forward to embarking on an exciting school year.


– Mrs. Anuradha Eswaran,
Principal, Narbada Devi Memorial School


I A.V Sudhamshu was the student of NDMS 14-15 batch. I just want to say that I am proud to be a student of this esteemed institution.


Student: A.V Sudhamshu
Batch: 2014-15

I Abhishek was the student of NDMS 14-15 batch. NDMS is just not a word it is the best part of my life, where I learned many things from my childhood to teenage. I love my school very much its like second home for me. I learned the first thing from school to respect each and every individual and to take up the challenges and responsibility.


Student: Abhishek Raj Purohit
Batch: 2014-15

I parent of Abhishek Raj. My son passed 10th std last year 14-15 batch. I am whole heartedly thankful to the Management, Principal, Head-Mistress, Teachers for the over all development of my son.


Parent: Mrs Renuka Raj Purohit
Student: Abhishek Raj Purohit
Batch: 2014-15

I Vibha student of NDMS studying in 10th std. I cannot express in words how my school is important for me. Through this note I am expressing my gratitude to all my teachers who have helped me in becoming a confident and responsible teenager. I am really proud to be a student of NDMS.


Student: Vibha
Batch: 2016-17

I am the parent of Vibha. She is studying in 10th std 16-17 batch. NDMS played a vital role in grooming my daughter’s future. NDMS School not only improved her in academics moulded her personality into a good and caring person.


Parent: Mrs Sheetal S.V
Student: Vibha
Batch: 2016-17

I Deekshitha was the student of NDMS 15-16 batch. I just want to say that with the help of everyone in NDMS I scored very good marks in 10th std. It is the best school in Hospet. I feel pleasure and honour to be the student of this school.


Student: L.N Deekshitha
Batch: 2015-16

I am the parent of L.N Deekshitha. My daughter passed her 10th std last year 15-16 batch. I just want to thank management to give us such a nice platform for our kids to grow up and also wonderful teachers and also  co-operative NDMS staff.


Parent: L.N Nandini
Student: L.N Deekshitha
Batch: 2015-16

I Priya the student of NDMS studying 10th std. NDMS is one of the prestigious school in hospet. We are lucky to have very qualified teacher who helps us to learn more and help us to develop our skills not only in academics but also in extra curricular activities like dance, music, yoga, meditation etc.


Student: Priya
Batch: 2016-17

I am the parent of Priya .She is studying in class 10th std. I am very much satisfied with NDMS school and their teaching method.They always encourage students in each and every step of learning in all aspects. They provide best facilities for the students for their development.


Parent: Mr.Mallikarjuna
Student: Priya
Batch: 2016-17

I K.Isha Sree the student of NDMS studying 10th std. My school provides us many facilities, qualified teachers and wonderful education. In my school they give chance each and every one to show there talent in which ever field they want. I proudly say that I am the student of NDMS.


Student: K.Isha sree
Batch: 2016-17

I am the parent of K.Isha Sree. She is studying in class 10th std 2016-2017 batch.She is studying in NDMS from play class .NDMS was the best school in Hospet 12 years back and is still the best school in hospet.


Parent: Mrs Vasantha
Student: K.Isha sree
Batch: 2016-17


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