Our-PoliciesIn an attempt to offer boundless education and information its family, NDMS organizes an Annual function and grand Exhibition alternately every year. The purpose of this is to extend to parents and grow as one big family.

Over the years, NDMS has extensively produced annual functions on topics like women empowerment and Indian culture. Students showcase these themes descriptively while performing dramas and dances, and singing songs.

Exhibitions, too, follow a new theme every time. Usually a two-day affair, the exhibitions are a fun-filled way to inform children and parents about different subjects and challenge their minds with quizzes. In 2015, the audience of Hospet saw The World of Animals Exhibition by a special support of PETA. To honor this event, we had invited Dr. Benni Basavaraj as the Chief Guest. The aim of this theme was to teach children to love animals, treat them with well and literate them about animal protection lights.

We have also introduced the ‘Maitree’ Program, which invites all Schools of Hospet to participate in inter-school competitions. This day sees students competing in sports, dances, arts, drama and so on. Our Maitree Program is a great way to interact with our peers and build a strong network in Hospet.